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Nelson Tools: For Professionals

Nelson Tools makes a variety of products for hearing healthcare professionals.  Please see the description below of various products and our distributors. 


Cleaning Tool Set 


This is the ultimate set of cleaning and repair tools for your lab.  Have a battery stuck inside a custom aid?  Need help pulling tubing through an earmold?  Trouble clearing the smallest vents of debris?  This twelve piece tool includes 2 large brushes, 5 various size brushes, 2 wire loops and 3 picks.  Also great for those who are on the go. 


The Cleaning Station

The Cleaning Station is a cost effective way to keep your repair area clean, organized, and efficient. This is a perfect solution for keeping your small tools sanitized and ready to use. The Cleaning Station is made of heavy-duty thermoformed plastic, making it long lasting and durable.  Each tray has eight cups for storage and easy access to your Nelson Tools.  An additional friction fit cavity is used to securely hold the cleaning and sanitizing jar in place. One drying area is provided to place freshly cleaned brushes until they are dry and ready for storage and use.


Fiber Ear Vision 


The Fiber Ear Vision is a fiber optic light set design for audiologists, hearing aid dispensers, physicians and other health professionals.  Four attachments are included for various functions, such as wax removal,  viewing the ear and inserting Ear-Dams. 



Ear Dam 

This patented soft compression foam block with vent tube allows the Ear Dam to be easily positioned past the narrow cartilaginous/osseous junction. The vent tube equalizes the vacuum pressure behind the impression and avoids discomfort for patients when impression is removed.   Three sizes available:  Small (.25 mm), Medium (.35 mm) and Large (.50 mm).

Please view the instructional video on our site.


Our Distributors:

Oaktree Products Inc.
Warner Tech-Care
716 Crown Industrial Court Ste 3 1655 Terrace Drive
Chesterfield, MO 63005 Roseville, MN 55113
800-347-1960 800-328-4757
636-530-6158 FAX 800-328-4756 FAX
www.oaktreeproducts.com www.warnertechcare.com