Nelson Tools

Nelson Tools 

For Hearing Healthcare Professionals

Nelson Tools makes a variety of tools for the hearing healthcare professional.  Brushes, loops and picks are available in multiple sizes for the cleaning and repair of hearing aids and earmolds.  Our patent pending Ear Dams allow deep ear canal impressions with no discomfort to patients.  The Fiber Earvision ™ Fiber Optic Ear Lights uses fiber optic technology to allow for a brilliant lighting of the earcanal.  Please visit our distributors’ websites for detailed product descriptions and pricing information.  

Nelson Tools Vented Foam Ear Dams 
Hearing Health Centers | Nelson Tools | Vented Foam Ear Dams
• Patented soft compression foam block allows for deep canal impressions without patient discomfort
• Microthin vent tubes that reduces suction in deep canal impressions
• Foam material is easy to manipulate and slowly comes back to shape to fill canal and ensure impression material will not penetrate beyond the ear dam
• Available in three sizes: Small (.25mm), Medium (.35mm) and Large (.50mm)

Nelson Tools Cleaning Tools  
Hearing Health Centers | Nelson Tools | Hearing Aid Cleaning Tools
• Each tool is handmade with durable hardwood handles, surgical steel stems and the highest quality brushes made
• Brushes, loops and picks available in various sizes
• Tools available in Complete Cleaning Set (7 brushes, 2 loops and 3 picks) or sold separately
• Convenient for cleaning battery contacts, small vents, receiver tubing, retubing earmolds and repairing aids

Nelson Tools Fiber Earvision ™ Fiber Optic Ear Lights and Tips 
Hearing Health Centers | Nelson Tools Fiber Earvision Fiber Optic Ear Lights and Tips 
• The first and only earlight on the market utilizing fiber optic technology
• Fiber optic technology transmits the entire light source directly from the bulb to the tip of the light, allowing a brilliant illumination of the ear canal
• Four fiber optic light tips available for wax removal, insertion of Nelson Tools Ear Dams and proper viewing of the ear canal

For more product details and pricing information, please visit our distributors at: 
Oaktree Products, Inc.
T: 800-347-1960
F: 636-530-6158

Warner Tech-Care
T: 800-328-4757
F: 800-328-4756